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Breast Cancer Integrative Database
Identifiers 2016-04-18 22:44:16
Keywords Breast cancer,expression profile,CNV,Multiple-omics Data
LatestDate 2016-04-18 22:44:16
Limit 1
Units Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Academy of Military Medical Sciences
Address No.27, Taiping Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100850, China
Postcode 100850
Telephone 010-66932301
CategoryName Disease
CategoryCode MM1201
Sort by Name Classification and Coding Scheme of Sharing Scientific Data for Population and Health
Sort version 1.2

BCID is an integrated knowledgebase. Multiple-omics data for breast cancer is gathered, including gene expression profile data from 9498 breast cancer tissue samples and CNV data from 3035 breast cancer tissue samples, and clinical and pathological data of survival, type, grade and stage for all samples. Additionally, data of microRNAs, KEGG pathways and breast tissue-specific genes functional network is collected. BCID also provides comprehensive data analysis modules and a user-friendly interface. 

The Breast Cancer Integrative Database (BCID), available at:BCID