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Human Phenotype Ontology Database
Identifiers 2016-07-21 22:48:27
Keywords Phenotype,ontology
LatestDate 2016-07-21 22:48:27
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Units Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Biologic Medicine Information Center, CapitalBio Technology
Address No.1, Shuaifuyuan Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing,China
Postcode 100730
Telephone 010-69155717
CategoryName Disease
CategoryCode MM1201
Sort by Name Classification and Coding Scheme of Sharing Scientific Data for Population and Health
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The human phenotype ontology (HPO) intends to offer a computational tool that will allow large-scale computational analysis of the human phenome. The HPO was initiated at the Charité Berlin Medical College in 2008. The HPO is now being developed in collaboration with members of Open Biomedical Ontologies (OBO) Foundry, currently contains approximately 12,000 terms and also provides a large set of HPO annotations to approximately 4,000 human diseases. The HPO contains four subontologies, phenotypic abnormality, clinical modifier, mode of inheritance and mortality/aging. The HPO can be used for clinical diagnostic in human genetics, bioinformatics research on the relationships between human phenotypic abnormalities and cellular and biomedical networks, for mapping between human and model organism phenotypes and for providing a standardized vocabulary for clinical databases, among many other things. The basic medicine, clinical medicine and bioinformatics are combined and take advantage of their respective strengths to promote HPO localization, bilingual database establishment, sharing and application, and finally make contributions to the HPO international community. The localized HPO database is open access so that the users can give feedbacks to us quickly.